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Extra-Large 30° Ruler

Fat cats are everywhere with this unique tool! With this extra-large 30-degree triangle ruler and a little imagination, you can create fat cats of all shapes and sizes for fun quilt, applique or sewing projects. Cut fabric strips to the desired height and slide the Fat Cats ruler up and down for...

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Fat Cats Ruler
Easy Angle II™ Quilting Template - 10.5" Neutral Wool Pencil Roving Trio EZ Jelly Roll Ruler
Easy Angle II™ Quilting Template - 10.5
Cut three shapes from one template with ease. This Easy Angle II template allows you to easily...
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Neutral Wool Pencil Roving Trio
Pencil roving trio for all your felting needs! Create patterns, borders, lettering or unique...
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EZ Jelly Roll Ruler
This ruler isn't just for Jelly Rolls! The Jelly Roll Ruler is more versatile than its name...
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