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Sidekick Ruler

The Most Faithful of Sidekicks

Cut 3 different shapes in 4 different sizes with 1 ruler! This handy ruler can cut 3 shapes -- diamonds, 60° triangles and half-60° triangles -- in 4 different sizes, all from strips of fabric! Select 1 1/2"- to 4 1/2"-wide strips to cut any of the designated shapes. It comes with full-color...

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The Eyeglass Light Ironing Board Cover Fasteners The Original Spool Swing
The Eyeglass Light
Hands-Free Directional Lighting This simple and small LED light will attach to most types of...
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Ironing Board Cover Fasteners
Stop your ironing board cover from slipping and wrinkling during use. Eliminate the wrinkling...
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The Original Spool Swing
A unique spool caddy to wear around your neck. This simple yet handy caddy is designed to wear...
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