Robyn Chachula
Robyn Chachula
Robyn Chachula
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Robyn Chachula's path to her successful crochet design career began, as with many crochet designers, not in the craft industry. Robyn graduated from Penn State University in architectural engineering. She pursued a career as a structural engineer specializing in historic preservation and renovation. Robyn says, "While my old day job might seem like a far cry from crochet fashion design, I have found they are one in the same. Instead of combining concrete and metal, I combine yarn and thread. Both career paths use my ability to take a big project and break it down into smaller parts that are then pieced back together to create something amazing!"

Robyn is co-host of Annie's Knit and Crochet Now! television program, which appears on many PBS stations. She is also author of several books including Unexpected Afghans, Blueprint Crochet Sweaters and Crochet Stitches Visual Encyclopedia. You can find more of her architecturally inspired designs at and

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Robyn Chachula
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