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Think how beautiful your table will look when you set it this holiday season. These revamped old serving pieces look just like the expensive pieces you see in home stores.

Soothing shades of blue and green beads combine in this flatware set to use during relaxing evenings on the deck!


  • Flat-handled flatware
  • Green seed beads
  • 26-gauge green wire
  • Round-nose pliers
  • Wire nippers
  • Metal adhesive
  • Tape

Note: When beading, attach tape to wire ends to secure beads.


1. Wash flatware and dry. Cut a 24-inch piece of 26-gauge wire. Attach tape to one end and string on seed beads until two inches of wire are left. Tape wire end.

2. Beginning near base of flatware handle, apply 2 1/4 inches of adhesive to front and back. Beginning on the back, wrap the beaded wire around the handle, pressing beads into the adhesive. Remove tape from ends and glue ends to handle on reverse side. When adhesive is dry, trim excess wire.

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