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Grommet Accents

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These grommet accents give this wearable art some shine and texture, and the project is quick and easy!
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By Carol Zentgraf

Create a tunic with V-neck shaping, bias edges and grommet accents.

Finished Size

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  • Sweatshirt with set-in sleeves
  • 43 brass grommets with 3/8-inch openings*
  • Grommet pliers
  • 2 yards 3/8-inch-wide matching woven ribbon*
  • 2 packages 1-inch-wide single-fold bias tape*
  • Fusible tricot knit interfacing
  • 1/2-inch-wide double-stick fusible web tape
  • Permanent fabric adhesive
  • Basic sewing supplies and equipment

*Model project is an adult size small sweatshirt. Larger sizes may require additional quantities.

Design & Assembly

  1. Select, prewash and press sweatshirt.
  2. Remove ribbing from sweatshirt neckline, cuffs and bottom edges.
  3. Mark 2 inches from neck edge on each shoulder seam and mark center front at desired depth. Draw lines from shoulder-seam marks to the center point (Figure 1). On the back, draw a line from one shoulder-seam mark to the other, shaping neckline in a slight curve. Cut shoulder seams open to marks and slit from neck edge to center point.
  4. Click here for larger image.
  5. Cut strips of interfacing to fit neck opening. Fuse facing to wrong side of shirt. Fold front and back neck edges to inside along marked lines and pin in place. Edgestitch along neckline to secure.
  6. To add bias trim, cut a piece of bias tape long enough to make a V around the front neckline with the outer edges of the V 1 1/2 inches past the neck edges and extending 1/2 inch over the shoulder seams (Figure 1). Apply fusible web tape to wrong side of bias tape (Figure 2). Position tape around neckline, mitering at the center, and fuse in place. Edgestitch along each edge of the bias tape. Repeat for back neckline, cutting bias tape to fit 1 inch from the neckline from shoulder seam to shoulder seam and adding 1 inch to the length. Turn each end under 1/2 inch and fuse; stitch in place, covering the raw ends of the front binding strips.
  7. Click here for larger image.
  8. Place shirt flat and mark side edges by pressing. Cut a 6-inch slit from lower edge of shirt along each side. Open bias tape and apply fusible web to wrong side as shown in Figure 2. Press under one end of the bias tape. Place this at the top of one slit edge on the front of the shirt, aligning the fused edge of the bias tape with the slit edge and wrapping the edge of the bias tape over the sweatshirt edge. Fuse in place.
  9. Continue applying bias tape along bottom edge of sweatshirt, mitering at corners and turning the end under to finish at the top edge of the opposite slit. Topstitch along both edges of the bias tape. Repeat for the back of the shirt. Apply bias tape to edges of sleeves in the same manner.
  10. Measure distance from neckline to hem down center of left front. Cut a 4-inch-wide strip of interfacing this length. Fuse to inside of sweatshirt down center of left front (Figure 3). Turn shirt right side out. Mark two parallel lines 1 1/4 inches apart centered over interfaced area and parallel to sides of sweatshirt.
  11. Click here for larger image.
  12. Beginning at the edge of the neckline bias binding, mark grommet placements, spacing 1 1/2 inches apart on the longest line. Center a grommet over each mark and follow manufacturer’s instructions to apply using the grommet pliers. Repeat for remaining line, alternating placement with the first row.
  13. Interface the inside of each sleeve just above bias tape with a 1 1/2-inch-wide strip of interfacing. Apply seven grommets evenly spaced around each sleeve.
  14. Weave lengths of ribbon through grommets, using permanent fabric adhesive to glue ends in place on the inside of the sweatshirt.

Sources: Sweatshirt from Fabric Cafe; grommets and grommet pliers from Prym Consumer USA Inc.; bias tape from Wrights; Steam-A-Seam2 double-stick fusible web tape from The Warm Company; Fabri-Tac permanent fabric adhesive from Beacon Adhesives.

Copyright © 2008 Sweatshirts With a Twist, House of White Birches. All rights reserved.

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