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Notes From the Sewing Room

Notes From the Sewing Room

Any holiday that involves walking around in the dark, begs for a safe, cool lantern to light up the night. Little kids will feel safer knowing they have their own source of light to illuminate their path and help identify their costumed friends. Adults will enjoy knowing the light is low heat and won’t cause a fire if it gets knocked over or left behind.

This free pattern for a lantern is so cool, some kids will make it a part of their costume. They are so easy to make and so charming that they would make a great decorations now or during the winter holidays to light the path to your front door or brighten your front window this winter. The pattern is so basic you could alter it to match your style or color scheme very easily.

Happy autumn and Happy Halloween to all my readers. Enjoy the crisp fall air, bountiful harvest and colorful falling leaves this season. Next time we will take a look at festive sewing ideas for the Thanksgiving table.

Sew far, sew good

Lorine Mason
editor, Sewing Savvy newsletter

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