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Jelly Roll Tea Towel

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Design by Lorine Mason


  • Cotton tea towel
  • Cotton fabric scraps or a jelly roll
  • Yo-yo maker: assorted sizes
  • Steam-a-Seam 2 1/2-inch-wide fusible web tape
  • Buttons
  • Embroidery floss
  • Decorative-edge rotary cutter with ruler and mat
  • Basic sewing tools and supplies


  1. Use a seam ripper to open the bottom and side hems of tea towel, opening the side hems up from the bottom edge approximately 6 inches. Press opened hems flat.
  2. Measure from side to side across the pressed area of tea towel and cut fabric scraps into strips of that measurement for length and in a variety of widths using a decorative-edge rotary cutter. Following manufacturer's instructions, press fusible web tape to the center back of each of the strips.
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  4. Remove the paper backing from the tape and press the fabric strips to the front of the tea towel to achieve the desired look. Refer to the project photo for placement ideas. Topstitch the strips to the front of the tea towel.
  5. Click here for larger image.
  6. To create a bottom-edge binding strip, cut a scrap fabric strip 2 inches wide by the width of the pressed tea towel. Press the strip in half lengthwise. Open the strip and fold each of the raw edges in toward the center fold; press. Encase the bottom edge of the tea towel with the binding strip and stitch.
  7. Click here for larger image.
  8. Re-hem the side seams of the tea towel.
  9. Click here for larger image.
  10. If desired, to create fabric wide enough to fit into the yo-yo maker, cut strips in a variety of widths and then stitch together. Press seams open. Insert into yo-yo maker and follow the manufacturer's directions.
  11. Click here for larger image.
  12. Stitch completed yo-yos to the tea towels, adding buttons, embroidery stitches and more to make the tea towels truly unique.
  13. Click here for larger image.

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