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All Dressed Up With Places to Go

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Costume Clubhouse Banner Panel
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Halloween Fun Place Mat Pattern

What do you think of when you think of Halloween? Costumes, pumpkin carving or candy corn, everyone has a favorite part of the holiday and this holiday is ideal for creative types. Sewing, carving, painting faces or decorating, the whole family can get involved in putting their creative talents to work.

Whether you are going to a party, taking the kids around the neighborhood or greeting the candy seekers, everyone can dress up and enjoy the fun. Some of the best costumes out there are for adults, especially when you consider that many popular children’s costumes resemble movie or TV characters that are completely foreign to anyone over age 12.

When you do get dressed up, don’t forget the house! Find a fun bowl or bag to serve as your candy cauldron, change out your outdoor light bulbs for colored or black light bulbs, clear the path to your front door and set out jack-o-lanterns filled with electric lights instead of candles. You could also create a scarecrow, play spooky music or hand out cups of warm cider to tired parents taking their kids around.

This Halloween banner is so much fun and way better than the many single use decorations available in stores. This banner could be used year after year, keeping plastic decorations out of garbage bins on November 1.

There’s one problem with kids getting to dress up, going out with their friends and collecting mountains of candy. The minute it gets dark, no kid wants to sit still and eat dinner. They are afraid they will miss all the fun, the candy will be given to other kids and the magic of the night will disappear. Besides, they’d rather eat candy all night. This place mat is fun and it just might keep bouncy kids in their seats long enough to eat something from the healthier food groups before the festivities begin

Then again … maybe not, but it’s worth a try, especially if you can make dinner fit the theme of the night.

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