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Every child loves the details of doll play -- hair bows, shoes, purses, even furniture. To doll makers and collectors, the details make all the difference in the completed piece, determining quality, and in some cases, value.

Doll accessories can be tricky to make because they are created on such a small scale. But in the end, that is what makes them so adorable. In addition to sewing accessories, some items are easier to crochet or use plastic canvas. Plastic canvas is cheap and light, and is great for shoe soles or furniture. I love the idea of using plastic canvas to create doll shoes! Why didn't I think of that! Expanding on the idea of using plastic canvas or crocheting, you can create matching purses for the doll and the child, plus sweet little doll hats for any imaginary occasion.

Store-bought shoes, hats, purses and clothes can add up to a hefty bill quickly. But by making them at home you can save a lot of money, making custom creations with your favorite colors, textures and fabrics, and your pieces will stand out from the store-bought options. Plus, handmade clothes are easier to identify as unique at the end of a group play session, so your child's items aren't as easily mixed in with those of others.

Some dolls have houses and some live in imaginary worlds created by each child, bigger than dollhouse walls can hold. If furniture plays into the game, it is fast, easy and inexpensive to make doll furniture with plastic canvas and yarn in any color. These ideas were especially cute!

Kids can come up with all sorts of outlandish ideas. Ask them what kind of world their dolls live in, and you might get a whole slew of new ideas, way beyond traditional furniture or clothing accessories. The best part of playing with dolls for many children is that their imaginations take them far beyond reality or what they know, to made-up worlds, new adventures and story lines that change as quickly as doll clothes.

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