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Have you heard of StoryPatches™? These tech-happy tags take signing your work to a whole new level!

It's so simple; just use the free StkrIt application on your computer to create a QR code, and then print your unique QR code on fabric to create a tag for your next project. Recipients of your gift scan the code using a smartphone or other iOS/Android technology. Another option is to type in the access code at

Once the image has been scanned, a whole new world opens up, because the code leads to a webpage. You can upload photos, audio files, videos or text to the personal webpage connected to each QR code to make the gift truly personal.

Creating projects for your loved ones and taking the time to either sew or iron on a StoryPatches™ label is the perfect way to stay connected with family and friends. StoryPatches™ can transform that gift into a digital delight, allowing you to connect over and over with loved ones with a quick scan of the label.

Once you download the free app onto your computer, you are able to upload photos, record yourself singing a lullaby or create a video. The app instructions are very easy to follow, and within minutes, you are able to connect your image, recording or photo to the gift and it will last a lifetime. Another fantastic feature is that you are able to change that photo or recording anytime you like from wherever you are located around the world by simply identifying the code and resubmitting a new image or recording.

The possibilities are endless. Consider some of these ideas:

  • Send baby gifts to new moms with a code that links to videos of you singing a lullaby or reading a story to baby.
  • Send a stuffed animal to a child and regularly update the webpage linked to the code with stories of new adventures you dream up about the child and the animal. The child can check online for the next installment of the story!
  • List all the fabric and pattern information for handmade quilts so it will be easy to reference which products you used to create them.
  • If you sell items at craft or art fairs you could use the same QR code all the time, and the code could lead to information about your business or link to your personal website.

Consider taking the labeling of your projects one step further by adding a StoryPatches™ label to your next project, proving that advances in technology are not limited to sewing machines and tools anymore.

For more information about StoryPatches™ check out Stkr.It

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