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The Advent Activity Calendar Pattern
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All I Want for Christmas Pattern
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Joy Quilt Kit
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Mary E's Christmas Cottage Tree Skirt Pattern
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O Holy Night Wall Hanging Pattern

Think of your favorite decorations as a child. What decoration did you personally want to be responsible for hanging? What item did you search for each year to make sure it was included in a place of honor? Take those memories and apply them to your decor now.

The first of December is an important day to kids who have advent or countdown calendars. If the store-bought ones filled with little chocolates aren't for you, this one will get the kids excited! My kids had one growing up, and they loved that first day of December just because it started off the calendar. They took turns putting up the daily marker each morning.

If whimsy and humor have a spot in your home this Christmas, how can you not smile at this hopeful little snowman with his humble wish list for Santa. He's really cute, so don't be surprised if children cart him off as their new little friend for the holiday season.

During the long, cold winters, quilts are a favorite for snuggling up to watch Christmas movies, the Thanksgiving Day parade or even the daily news. Even if you are not an experienced quilter, this pattern is easy to follow. All the winter friends are enjoying a day in the North Pole in the different blocks. Little ones will enjoy picking out the penguins, polar bears, reindeer and other creatures. There are lots of great prints available in fabric stores, so if this one isn't your style, head to the nearest store to find one that fits.

If you have a tree in your home, then a tree skirt is in order. This one is simple, charming, homemade and will look great under the tree before the presents arrive. The twisting trees and stately houses give this pattern a fun feel while still looking elegant and seasonal. You could even personalize each house to represent the houses of family members or friends, or make each one slightly different.

Small houses or apartments can be hard to decorate because space is so limited. This is especially true for seniors living in assisted-living facilities. Space is at a premium, and the last thing anyone wants during the busy holiday season is more things to dust. If you enjoy having a nativity scene in your home but don't really have much space, or are worried about little hands getting ahold of the figures, this might be the perfect option for you. It takes up very little space, won't need to be constantly dusted, and no little fingers will make off with one of the wise men. Other wall hangings can serve the same purpose. Just find one that fits your decor, is a match for your skill level and amount of time available to work on it, and will look great on your wall whether it's big or small.

Cover bare walls with wall hangings, create fabric bows or garlands for stairways, create a Christmas welcome mat for guests or jazz up your guest hand towels in the bathrooms. Just find the decor that works for your lifestyle and preferences.

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