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Notes From the Sewing Room
Notes From the Sewing Room

Notes From the Sewing Room

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On occasion, readers write in to share stories about the wonderful sewing-related treasures they find while traveling. Many use the exotic fabrics they find to decorate their homes or as conversation pieces to tell the story of their travels. Recently, I received a travel treasure of my own when my oldest daughter went to Thailand. She brought me back several yards of hand-woven Kelly green Thai silk!

Thai silk is famous around the world for its beauty and quality, so this was a very special gift. While silk is expensive regardless of location of purchase, it is much cheaper to buy Thai silk in Thailand than it would be at your local fabric store. This is partly because the Thai people and the government of Thailand promote the weaving of Thai silk as a national art and industry.

There are many traditional handicraft centers where visitors can see the silk being woven, have custom clothing made from it and purchase yardage. What should I make from this lovely, long-traveled fabric? Clothing? A home decor item?

Sew far, sew good,

Lorine Mason
editor, Sewing Savvy newsletter

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