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Notes From the Sewing Room
Notes From the Sewing Room

Notes From the Sewing Room

I love hearing from readers about their projects, questions or how they took a pattern or idea and altered it to make it their own. The last time, I mentioned the idea of making (or buying) a plain tablecloth and having people write things they are thankful for along the edge, to be added to each year at the Thanksgiving table.

Jan took that idea and changed it a little to create a keepsake that will bring smiles and memories for years:

"Thanks for the tablecloth idea. That should be fun, but I think I will have each of the grandchildren write on it for the years to come." -- Jan

The grandchildren will love reading things they wrote years before and seeing what they decided was important to write each year as they got older.

Debbie wrote in to suggest a useful, homemade gift that can be personalized for each recipient:

"Another great idea for a quick and easy sew-together gift is a tissue box cover. I think it's a good idea for Christmas because that's when most of my family has the sniffles. Depending on the shape of the box, you can make different things like a couch, a bed, a house, etc. Use your imagination and consider the person receiving it and what they like. For example, my brother likes motorcycles, so his is a rectangle-box couch made with motorcycle fabric. My granddaughter likes purses so hers is a cube house with black windows, tissues come out chimney, and it's made with purse-motif fabric. They're fun to make!" -- Debbie

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Baby Who Pillow Pattern

A few newsletters back we talked about the owl trend. These owl pillows are so cute and practical, how could you not want to give them to a special little one!

It's getting cold in many places. Some people may even start to see snow flurries any day now. Time to break out the fleece, wool and flannel to create cozy pajamas, jackets, scarves, mittens and slippers to keep the whole family warm! Enjoy the season with your family and friends, and keep sending me your great ideas and questions!

Sew far, sew good,

Lorine Mason
editor, Sewing Savvy newsletter

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