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Editor's Introduction

Many of us learn to sew from friends and family members, so new skills are handed down from person to person. That's what makes sewing such a great social hobby. A lot can be learned from people who have skills that you don't have if you take the time to ask questions and learn. What better way to learn about a wonderful hobby?

Enthusiasm for sewing can turn into a fantastic career with the right drive, eagerness to make new connections and willingness to try new things. The interview included in this newsletter, with designer and fabric artist Pat Sloan, is one example of an artist who took the sewing arts she loved and created a successful business, an incredible media presence and numerous creative products, patterns and fabrics based on her ideas.

Pat has such a love for her work that her story is very inspirational, and it may just encourage a few readers to consider how their love of sewing could make for a successful and fulfilling business opportunity.

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