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Editor's Introduction

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Do you have a handmade gift that was given to you by a family member as a child? It might be a lovingly stitched quilt, an embroidered wall hanging, a doll or a stuffed animal. Did the creator mark the gift so that you could always remember who created it especially for you with so much care? Maybe she embroidered her initials in a corner or added a tag, maybe she signed a seam with a fabric pen.

Sewing is a functional art form and all artists should sign their work. This time we will talk about creative ways to sign your sewing projects so your name, the date the project was completed and/or given, or other details can be remembered. It's wonderful to be able to find a hidden symbol, signature or tag to remind us of the quilts Grandma made for her grandchildren, or the stuffed animals created by an aunt for nieces and nephews.

If you come from a large, creative family or have many creative friends it can be hard to remember who made each piece, and having a personal marking makes it easier to remember the creator as years pass.

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