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Tags, Signatures & Symbols

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If tech-happy patches just aren't a good fit for you, try some creative low-tech options for signing your work. You don't need to limit yourself to generic store-bought tags to mark your creations. Think outside the box; when construction crews build buildings they will sometimes sign their work by putting a coin in the mortar between bricks at a joint in the building, or leave a photo of the crew or the front page of a newspaper between the drywall of the interior walls. Think like they do and find a new way to leave your mark.

Consider some of these ideas:

  • Use a permanent marker to sign and date the outside rim of a button for a nearly hidden signature.
  • Use a fabric pen to sign along the outside seam or an inside hem of a project.
  • Use your computer to create custom tags that display your personal signature, business information or logo.
  • Embroider a stylized version of your initials into hidden corners of your work.

There are so many options available. Look for a method that works best for you and be consistent so your signature is easy to recognize. It's not about showing off, it's about making sure others know your work was created by you, especially for them. Coming from a large creative family, it was sometimes hard to keep track of who created what treasured item as a child. Over the years, memories faded, and it became even more difficult to keep everything straight. An item that has been marked by the artist helps straighten out the confusion, and seeing the signature, symbol or tag can bring back memories of time spent with the person who made it, especially if she or he is no longer around.

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