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Coming Up Flowers Table Runner

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Get your dining table ready for spring with this pretty table runner.
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By Carol Zentgraf

Create a tabletop garden with this pretty runner made from wool felt. These wool-felt flowers are "sew" easy to grow, you’ll have the garden of your dreams in no time.

Spring is just around the corner, so very soon we will take a look at some spring sewing ideas guaranteed to make every space seem sunnier and more colorful. What kinds of spring creations will you be making? Share your ideas with me, and they could be featured in a future newsletter.

Finished Size

15 x 72 inches


  • 36-inch-wide wool felt:
    • 2 yards each pistachio ice cream #0703 and white #1100
    • 1/2 yard each lemon #0417, cotton candy #0905, English rose #0944, mulberry #0966, robin’s egg #0580, periwinkle #0581, Norwegian blue #0579 and chartreuse #0715
  • Permanent fabric adhesive
  • Basic sewing supplies and equipment
  • Flower & Leaf Pattern


From pistachio ice cream felt:

  • Cut two 3 1/2 x 72-inch strips for side borders.
  • Cut two 3 1/2 x 15-inch strips for end borders.

From white felt:

  • Cut one 9 x 66-inch rectangle for center.

From lemon, cotton candy, English rose, mulberry, robin’s egg, periwinkle and Norwegian blue:

  • Use flower pattern provided to cut 10 flowers from each color.

From chartreuse felt:

  • Use the leaf pattern provided to cut 90-100 leaves.


Use 1/2-inch seam allowances.

  1. Center and sew side border strips to long edges of center panel, beginning and ending 1/2 inch from corners (Figure 1).
  2. Click here for larger image.
  3. Sew end border strips to short edges of center-border unit in same manner.
  4. To miter border strips at each corner, fold the corner with right sides together and the strip ends even; pin together. Mark a line from the outer corner of the strip end to the stitching line (Figure 2). Stitch along the line; trim the excess felt 1/2 inch from the stitching. Press all seams open.
  5. Click here for larger image.
  6. Referring to Figure 3, shape each flower by folding in half and then folding in each side, overlapping slightly. Zigzag-stitch across the base of the folded flower to secure.
  7. Click here for larger image.
  8. Apply a thin layer of fabric adhesive to the lower half of one leaf and wrap it around the base of a flower, covering the flower end. Hold tightly for several seconds until securely attached. Repeat for each leaf and each flower. Randomly add a second leaf to several flowers of each color.
  9. Referring to photo for placement, arrange and glue flowers with leaves around the table runner border as desired.

Sources: WoolFelt felt from National Nonwovens; Fabri-Tac permanent fabric adhesive from Beacon Adhesives.

Copyright © 2008 Sew Fun & Easy Table Fashions, House of White Birches. All rights reserved.

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