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Notes From the Sewing Room
Notes From the Sewing Room

Notes From the Sewing Room

Next time we will gear up for a beloved holiday that is enjoyed by children of all ages and those young at heart: Halloween! The next newsletter will feature a Halloween-themed project for Baby, so even the tiniest children can get in the spirit of the season. Share your Halloween ideas for decor and costumes by sending in a comment! Last year we had some incredibly creative ideas sent in by readers.

Sew far, sew good,

Lorine Mason
editor, Sewing Savvy newsletter

Lorine Mason is a licensed product designer, an accomplished project designer, the author of 11 how-to sewing and crafting books, and two pattern lines. Designing, writing, teaching and creating items from the unexpected fill her days with creativity. It's Sew Lorine & She's Sew Crafty is a brand, a blog and a lifestyle. As an avid sewer, Lorine loves to encourage and inspire others to create unique homemade sewn items with an unexpected twist.

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