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Cascade Yarns®

Cascade Yarns®

Weight 2
Cascade Yarns® Cherub BabyCascade Yarns® Cherub Baby
Lightweight, machine washable and super soft, this yarn is perfect for baby and lightweight tops or tanks.
Weight 3
Cascade YarnsŪ Cherub DKCascade YarnsŪ Cherub DK
Extremely soft and machine washable making this yarn perfect for all your baby projects!

Weight 3
Cascade Yarns® FixationCascade Yarns® Fixation
Fixation from Cascade is a nice, soft and stretchy yarn. Great for spring/summer projects: socks, tops, hats, jackets, accessories, etc.

Weight 4
Cascade Yarns® Cherub AranCascade Yarns® Cherub Aran
Cherub Aran is a worsted weight, all-purpose yarn suited to a wide range of uses. This soft and cozy machine washable yarn is great for baby and children items!

Weight 4
Cascade Yarns® 220Cascade Yarns® 220
The Cascade Yarns 220 collection is filled with wool yarn in a variety of fun colors. Great for projects that just beg to be crocheted or knitted and then felted!

Weight 4
Cascade Yarns® 220 Superwash®Cascade Yarns® 220 Superwash®
Soft and machine washable makes this yarn perfect for all your child and infant projects!

Cascade YarnsŪ: Fun Yarn for Your Crochet and Knit Patterns!
Create beautiful knit or crochet projects with the collection of Cascade yarn you'll find at Annie's. With our crochet and knit patterns, you could make crochet cardigans, knit tops, felted projects and more out of Cascade YarnsŪ. With a wide variety of modern colors and textures, you're sure to find just the yarn you need.

You have a busy life and you love relaxing with your latest crochet or knit project, but sometimes it's hard to find time to make it to the yarn store within business hours. Don't worry, you can order yarn from Annie's any time you want! It's easy to order and we'll deliver your Cascade YarnsŪ right to your door!
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