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Use Bobbin Lace Supplies to Create Stunning Details

Add your own lace embellishments to your purses, clothing, and home dÚcor when you learn how to make bobbin lace. This timeless craft is not as complicated as it looks, but no one else has to know that. Get started today with a Bobbin Lace Beginner Kit.

Bobbin Lace Supplies and Project Ideas

When you make your own bobbin lace, the possibilities for using your skills are seemingly limitless. Create elegant table treatments including a bobbin lace table runner and coordinating placemats. Add a bobbin lace doily to your mantle or the back of your favorite easy chair. Lace adds a feminine and polished look wherever you use it. Plus, lace is big in women's fashion now. Reinvigorate an old dress or blouse by adding a bobbin lace collar or cuffs. Trim a cardigan with bobbin lace along the buttons for a more dressed-up look.

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