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Folding Patterns Help You Create Intricate Paper Crafts

Paper folding is a traditional art in various world cultures. You can create classically beautiful origami or more modern Dutch Iris paper projects by using these paper folding patterns. Paper folding works well with other Paper Crafts, too. You can use Iris patterns to adorn greeting cards and photo displays.

Paper Crafts and Folding Patterns

Paper folding looks harder than it is. With these paper folding patterns, you can successfully create intricate origami or kirigami projects. Each pattern shows you how to fold and assemble your paper pieces into a beautiful folded paper object. Create classic cranes, decorative paper boxes, or folded paper greeting cards. If you like to give money as a gift, try our money folding patterns. You can send a birthday present folded into such a cool design the recipient will hesitate spending it! Whether you're a paper folding enthusiast or just looking for a simple weekend project, these paper folding templates have a project for you.

Use paper folding patterns to create a world craft tour for your students or children. Teach them about Japanese Origami or Dutch Iris Paper Folding by showing them simple projects. Get them involved with budget-friendly Paper Craft Supplies from Annie's--they look great displayed in an office or nursery. The possibilities are endless!

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