Butterfly Loom

Appearance in pattern - wl

Note: General Directions apply to all loom sizes.


Fig. 2
Back of Loom
1. Secure loom arm in place at back of loom by tightening screw. Fasten end of yarn to back of loom at number 1 with a small piece of tape.
2. Hold loom with brass hinges facing you. (This is the front of the loom.) Begin by wrapping yarn vertically from 1 across front of loom to 2, behind loom and up at 3, across front of loom to 4, and so on, (Fig. 1). Do not wrap yarn too tightly. Just let the yarn glide through your fingers.
Note: The only yarn you will see on the back of the loom are the loops between each notch, (Fig. 2).
3. When you have wrapped all vertical rows, turn the loom a quarter turn to the left and continue wrapping as in Step 2. Each time you reach the end of the vertical rows, make a quarter turn to the left, continuing until you have a loop between each notch on the back of the loom. This is counted as Row 1.
4. Keep wrapping until you have number of rows specified in the project instructions. End with yarn back at the beginning.
5. Cut yarn 3 inches from back of loom and tie ends together on front side of loom.
Medium Loom
Baby Loom
Small Loom
Large Loom
Rectangle Loom
Fig. 1
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