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Appearance in pattern - roll stitch

Who Created the Roll Stitch?
There is evidence that crochet was first done centuries ago. During those early times, the Roll Stitch was called the Bullion Stitch because it was worked with gold thread to embellish ecclesiastical linens. It is thought that it originated at a convent, since the nuns were known for producing the finest of all needlework. Creations using this stitch were also known as Relief Crochet because of the interesting raised areas and looped patterns that were possible.

About the Crochet on a Roll Hook
When forming Roll Stitches, a number of wraps (or yarn overs) are placed around the hook, and the hook is pulled through those wraps. The ideal hook needs to be tapered at the point and not have a wide grip area that may get in the way of the wraps. The tapered point is easier to pull through the wraps without catching on the yarn.

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