To keep yarn from tangling as you work with two skeins, place one skein on each side of you.
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Crochet Guide

Crochet on the Double™

Have you heard of burning the candle at both ends? Well, now you can crochet from both ends using a hook that has a head at each end. Unlike using an afghan hook, this double-ended hook enables you to complete a row, turn the piece, then crochet back across. This creates stitch patterns that can only be done using this technique.

If you have loved the look and feel of knitting, but prefer crochet, this method is for you. You can obtain the look and feel of knitting with the versatility and ease of crochet.

There are two methods for working Crochet on the Double: Working through the vertical bars and 2) working through the horizontal bars. The first method (similar to an afghan stitch) results in a thick, spongy fabric like a knitted garter stitch. The second method elongates the stitches and spreads the rows apart, resulting in a softer feel yet keeping the ridged garter stitch effect.