To keep yarn from tangling as you work with two skeins, place one skein on each side of you.
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Crochet Guide


Crochenit is a double-hook technique that's as easy to learn as 1, 2, 3!

Nationally-known crochenit designer Mary Middleton numbers her Crochenit stitches depending on how many loops, bars or stitches you work with at one time.

Many patterns use Basic Stitch #101. With this stitch, you work one loop at a time. Other projects may be worked using a combination of High Stitch #104 and Small Shell Stitch #202.

On high stitch rows, you work with one loop or bar at a time, and on the small shell stitch rows, you work with two loops or bars at once. Still other projects may be made with the Fluffy Stitch #304, which uses three loops or bars at once.