Butterfly Loom

Appearance in pattern - tassels

Note: General Directions apply to all loom sizes.


1. Cut a piece of cardboard to the desired length of your tassel. Cut a piece of yarn approximately 6 inches long. (This will be used to tie tassel once completed.) Place at top of cardboard.
2. Wrap yarn around cardboard, keeping yarn on top of 6-inch-piece you placed at top of the cardboard. Wrap until you have desired-size tassel.
3. Tie the 6-inch-piece around the wrapped yarn at the top to secure. Cut along bottom edge of yarn. Wrap another length of yarn around the tassel approximately 1 inch from the top and tie into a knot to finish.
4. Trim bottom of tassel evenly. Attach tassel where desired, using yarn at top to secure to looped edge.
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