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Shawl Pins Add a Finishing Touch to Handmade Shawls and Wraps

If you've made a shawl or wrap, it might seem like nothing could be fancier than the soft lace pattern or the beautiful yarn. Adding a shawl pin, however, advances your handcrafted look to true chicness. These shawl pins pair beautifully with Annie's Shawl and Wrap Patterns.

Shawl Pins and Project Ideas

Shawl pins add an elegant touch to your homemade shawls and scarfs. Annie's carries chic shawl pins in a variety of styles to provide a pretty contrast to your yarn of choice. Try an etched shell shawl pin to add a soft sheen or an etched wood shawl pin for an earthier look. We even have novelty shawl pins such as a trendy owl shawl pin.

Shawl pins make a wonderful gift or accessory for any woman who likes to wear shawls or scarves. They're even better, however, when paired with a shawl or scarf you've made yourself. When you buy your shawl pattern or Crochet Scarf Patterns and yarn, choose a shawl pin to match your project. That way, as soon as you've bound off your work, you can wear your shawl along with its pretty pin.