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Use Assorted Afghan Books to Crochet Blankets and Decor

Afghans can provide more than just warmth. A beautifully crocheted afghan can also serve as a decorative statement. Browse Annie's Afghan Patterns to choose a pattern that matches your living room colors or to find a pattern for an afghan that will serve as a stunning wall hanging.

Assorted Afghan Books and Resources

Afghan patterns from Annie's come in a wide variety of textures, styles, and designs. You can crochet a basic afghan to drape over the back over your favorite chair. Or, crochet an afghan inspired by a Cathedral's rose window to add a stained glass look to your sofa. You can also hang it as a gorgeous tapestry! With our assortment of patterns, you're sure to find the right afghan for your space.

Afghans also make wonderful projects to crochet for other people. Choose from our Baby Afghans to create a special baby shower gift. You can customize your afghan for the recipient by choosing a color or texture of Yarn they will love. When you buy one of our afghan books, you'll have plenty of patterns at your disposal, so whenever special life transitions pop up—babies, moves, weddings—you can make an afghan as a gift.