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31 - 30 of 30 items

Lisa Naskrent learned to crochet at around 9 years old from her grandmother. Even as a child she was a creator -- from creating stories and artwork to finding solutions and making gadgets to help her parents around the house. This later in life blossomed into designing crochet patterns. Still, just as they were when she was a child, her ideas are in a whirlwind. As soon as one design is jotted down, more are dancing in the air.

Hooks are found throughout her house, as well as balls of yarn here and there -- sometimes even falling as you walk by. Because of this, she has been nicknamed the Absentminded Designer.

The first design she submitted to a magazine was promptly accepted and this led to her designs being printed in many other publications. She has also won awards for her designs, including two Flamies from the Crochet Liberation Front.

If walking down Lisa's street in the wee hours, one will always see a light in the top window of her home. The absentminded designer will always be tinkering away with hooks and yarn in a room wallpapered with sketches, notes and hangers balancing on thumbtacks of designs in progress.