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Technique - Quilt

Hold appliques, linings, underlinings in place with glue.

Not "blobs" but tiny controlled dots. 100% water soluble. Holds firmly until wetted. Includes 1 3/4" applicator nozzle.

Storage instructions:
Glue-Baste-It uses capillary action; water will not freely flow through the hypo-49 syringe cap if rinsed or soaked. Users of this product need to treat the syringe in a unique fashion to prevent glue from drying in the tip. When finished using glue, set the bottle upright.

After a few seconds the glue level will settle, leaving air at the top of the bottle. This air is used to force the excess glue out of the syringe. Keep the bottle upright or glue in the bottle will be able to re-enter the syringe while you attempt to clear it. Gently squeeze the bottle, using a tissue or damp cloth to wipe the excess glue from the tip as it is forced out. You should hear a faint blowing noise as the last drop of glue clears.

If this procedure has not been followed and glue dried in the tip, it is best to try to clear it by sticking a very long, thin pin down through it.

NEVER leave the pin in the syringe, it can ruin it. Remove the syringe top and replace with flattop for storage.

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