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If you are a fiber arts craft person (knitter, spinner, crocheter), then you will appreciate these nifty little laminated cards. They contain valuable information which makes knitting and other fiber-related craft tasks easier! They are also designed to be kept close at hand. Included is a split key ring which can be attached to numerous items such as your knitting bag, to each other, a notebook, etc. They come in 6 different, high visibility colors (red, blue, green, yellow, purple, and orange). Why carry a book around when you can simply refer to these easy to carry Knit-Kards™? 12 cards per set, 3 1/4" x 5 1/4" each.

Plastic Knit-Kards contain useful data on the following topics:
  • Yarn Classification
  • Yarn Yardage Estimator
  • Yarn Label and Washing Guide
  • Kitchener Stitch Instructions
  • Perfect One Row Buttonhole Instructions
  • Knitting Needle Inventory Tracker
  • List of Common Knitting Abbreviations
  • Decreases - A guide and list
  • Increases - A guide and list
  • Long Tail Cast on Formula
  • Make to Fit Pattern Adjustment Guide
  • Yarn Yardages for Common Projects in 6 Weights of Yarn