Magic Socks: Knit 2 Socks in 1 Class DVD

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Learn to knit 2 socks at the same time!

Technique: Knit
Skill Level: Intermediate
Magic Socks: Knit 2 Socks in 1 Class DVD
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Join expert Kate Atherley as she explains and demonstrates step-by-step the double-knitting technique.

In this video class you'll learn:
  • The double-knitting technique with practice swatches
  • How to cast on 2 sets of stitches, then combine to the same set of needles
  • How to work a short-row heel and star toe
  • Techniques for double-point needles, magic loops and circular needles
  • How to use the double-knitting technique in other aspects
Note: Annie's DVD video classes include a CD with downloadable and printable class project instructions, materials lists and diagrams. DVDs are compatible with North American DVD players, and PC and Macintosh computer systems. All Annieĺs online classes and DVDs have closed captioning.

Video Length: 1 Hours 54 Minutes

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Overall rating:
5 out of 5
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Magic Socks: Knit 2 Socks in 1 Class DVD

September 8, 2019

I am just learning how to knit socks and watching this right now. Practicing to get used the two socks method and I can't wait to start knitting the socks for real. :)

Magic Socks: Knit 2 Socks in 1 Class DVD

June 12, 2018

The Magic Socks Knit 2 in 1 by Kate Atherley was Overall, a very well done DVD. Ms. Atherley was well spoken without coming off as condescending and the filming was done with the viewer's perspective in mind. That in and of itself, was very important for me! Although, she did not show the magic loop method she mentioned it; showed a sample of how it would look and as I realized this DVD was rated for the more experienced knitter, there really wasn't any necessity for going into detail, but it would have been nice. I am very happy with this particular lesson program. It was worth the money and my time and I would like to see more of her work in the future. Especially one on the magic loop method for those who just cannot work with double pointed needles.

Magic Socks: Knit 2 Socks in 1 Class DVD

March 10, 2016

Magic Stocks: Knit 2 Socks in 1 by Kate Atherley was a very informative & inspiring DVD. She made it look and sound so attainable for everyone. The only thing I personally wished she would do is make this same DVD using the Magic Loop method throughout as that is my preferred method of making socks. However, what I did see & learn from her video class was amazing and I will try to convert all the details into my way of sock knitting and see how it goes. I would recommend this DVD to everyone wanting to learn another way to make socks two at a time. Dig out your yarn and get ready to knit & enjoy this interesting process!

Magic Socks: Knit 2 Socks in 1 Class DVD

January 25, 2016

I so enjoyed watching Kate Atherley instructions on how to knit two socks at the same time. She explains and shows the process in such a way that there is no misunderstanding. Makes one want to start a pair at once. Follow her instructions and WOW two socks that match. The heel she teaches is so easy and looks great. So get some left over yarn and follow her along. Love Magic Socks: Knit 2 Socks in 1!

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