AddiŽ Swing Crochet Hooks

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AddiŽ Swing Crochet Hooks
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Technique - Crochet

Add a little swing to your life!

These crochet hooks, designed with comfort in mind, are constructed with 2 plastics: 1 colorful and soft, the other white and firm. Balancing each other perfectly, these hooks have just the right amount of flexibility and give you a comfortable grip. They're also color-coded so you can easily organize your hooks to your liking.

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Size C 2.75mm$13.50Hurry! Only 13 left!
Size C 2.75mm
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Size D 3.25mm$13.50Hurry! Only 14 left!
Size D 3.25mm
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Size E 3.5mm$14.9517 in stock.
Size E 3.5mm
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Size G 4.5mm$14.9528 in stock.
Size G 4.5mm
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Size H 5mm$14.9531 in stock.
Size H 5mm
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Size I 5.5mm$13.5026 in stock.
Size I 5.5mm
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Size J 6mm$17.9521 in stock.
Size J 6mm
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Size K 7mm$17.9518 in stock.
Size K 7mm
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Size L 8mm$17.9516 in stock.
Size L 8mm
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Customer Reviews for AddiŽ Swing Crochet Hooks:

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4.5 out of 5 (Reviewed by 3 customers.)

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August 2, 2014
Peggy R
I have been knitting for over 70 years, but each time I tried to crochet I gave up because I could not get a decent tension and all my work looked terrible. The first time I tried an Addi Swing Crochet Hook, I knew this was going to be different; I'm now learning to crochet and my stitches look like they the ones the instructor is making. I have small hands, but a skinny hook always felt like it was not large enough for me to get a firm hold on it. The ergonomic handle of the Addi removes this problem, and I'm progressing with my lessons and extremely satisfied with them. I've already purchased several sizes and will probably fill out a complete set before I'm through.
March 11, 2014
Kelly S
These hooks are made for people with large hands. They look like they would be very comfortable, however the part that looks like it's supposed to hit the palm of your hand hits the outside of mine.
March 4, 2014
Karen S
I have to highly recommend these hooks, I suffer with Fibromyalgia & suffer with alot of pain in my fingers, but I found these hooks great to work with & there is no pressure on your fingers from the hook. Very pleased :)

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