Omega nylon crochet thread is the hottest and most versatile thread available for crocheting or knitting. It has a great shine, no hazy "fuzz" like cotton thread or yarn. It simply slides through your fingers. The nylon shimmers which makes your creation look very rich and allows soil resistance. It does not stretch, keeps its shape, it's heavy and strong, which makes it great for bags.

100% Nylon

7 oz/ 197 yds

Hand wash in cold water, dry flat- do not use a machine dryer, do not use chlorine bleach, do not hang and do not iron.

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5 out of 5
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Omega Nylon Thread Size 18

June 27, 2015

I started using this thread in 2008. It is great to work with and very durable. Just be sure that your pattern and the thread are good together. I have made a large 3 foot pineapple doily and now I am using this thread to make the Yellow Rose Doily in colors gold/orange for roses, green for leaves and white throughout the rest of the stitches. So far it is beautiful and the center rose is 4 inches across the center. It's a nice little change. Of course I am also working on regular projects too! Yes this is a sun way to crochet. Secure your ends well.

Omega Nylon Thread Size 18

September 25, 2014

This material gives a great outcome.

Omega Nylon Thread Size 18

August 29, 2014

Love this thread for crocheting purses! It's strong, doesn't stretch, and looks amazing. Everyone loves the purses I make with it.

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