Super Simple Crochet Stitch Patterns Book


Create beautiful textures with 12 simple stitch patterns. Plus Tips & Techniques to improve your crochet.

Technique: Crochet
Skill Level: Easy
Super Simple Crochet Stitch Patterns
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12 lovely designs created with short, simple repeats using basic stitches. Repeating eight stitches or less, these patterns create textures that look significantly more intricate than they are. Most repeat the same row for the entirety of the piece, giving the same look on both sides. The few that alternate a design row with a row of single crochets still keep it easy to tell what row is being worked and offer a slightly different look on each side, yet are still fully reversible. The best thing about this stitch sampler book is that the stitch pattern instructions are not limited to making a Sampler Afghan. The book includes 6 detailed sets of instruction that can be adapted for over 25 projects. Each stitch pattern includes a project box where starting chain lengths for common projects have already been calculated. The Did You Know section includes handy tips like how to secure yarn when changing skeins or changing colors. If youíre one of those who knots the skeins together, there is another way. Or do you have trouble with knowing where to start and end the row. Up close photos will show you how. And more things that you may not have realized you didnít know.


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