A great addition to your sewing room!

Skill Level: Beginner
$4.99 - $10.98
This pad with its handy pockets and removable scrap basket is a great organizer for your sewing room! Finished sizes: pad 22" x 20"; basket 6" x 6" x 4". Previously published in SIP Weekend Sewing Apr 19
Create a unique one-of-a-kind sewing accessory! The Sewing Machine Organizer Pad will keep your favorite tools handy and collect any extra fabric scraps and thread as you create any quilt project.
In this video, quilt expert Nancy McNally demonstrates how to create the Sewing Machine Organizer Pad.
In this video, you’ll learn how to:
  • Prepare and sew the organizer pad.
  • Add the pockets to the front of the pad.
  • Prepare and sew the removable scrap bag.
  • Make a custom button.
  • Assemble and complete the Sewing Machine Organizer Pad.

This video is also available on Annie's Creative Studio.
Overall rating:
4.5 out of 5
(8 reviews)

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Sewing Machine Organizer Pad Sewing Pattern

March 8, 2021

Easy pattern to follow. I love the design. I did make it for lefties, but it was an easy switch. I ordered it because of the scrap basket. It has become very helpful.

Sewing Machine Organizer Pad Sewing Pattern

December 14, 2020

Can't write a review on something I didn't receive.

Sewing Machine Organizer Pad Sewing Pattern

June 17, 2020

Super excited to make this project, where can I purchase the ivory text print fabric or something similar??

Sewing Machine Organizer Pad Sewing Pattern

May 3, 2020

It's advertised as a beginner project but, I think it is really an intermediate project. I was expecting to receive a true "pattern" but what came was directions to "measure" out the pieces and then cut them out. This I found to be disappointing...more work on my part. I would have preferred to have the pattern pieces drawn out then I would pin cut.

Sewing Machine Organizer Pad Sewing Pattern

April 26, 2020

I made mine and have been using it for a couple of weeks now. I love that it has the 'bin' for threads. For me, it keeps stuff from falling off my sewing table and serves as a temporary 'pin' cushion. I wish I could post a picture.

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