Hills of Ireland Throw Crochet Pattern or Video


Celtic Inspired!

Skill Level: Intermediate
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Different cable patterns give cozy texture to this gorgeous Celtic-inspired throw. Choose 9 skeins of worsted-weight acrylic yarn for this 52" x 54" throw. Once the cable rows are established, it's easy to continue the repeat patterns. Uses a size K crochet hook. Designed by Bonnie Barker.

Build-a-kit below! Choose the way you want to receive your pattern (digital or printed) and select your color of yarn - we have done the math for you! The Premier Anti-Pilling Everyday Worsted Yarn 2/Pkg. shown below contains 2 skeins per pack! You are SAVING BIG and will receive 18 skeins total for this project!

Video: In this video, crochet expert and pattern designer Lena Skvagerson demonstrates how to make this stunning gansey-style crochet afghan.
  • Choose the right yarn for your afghan project.
  • Work 6 different surface-rich crochet textures.
  • Finish off your design with a border.
  • Block your project.
  • Learn about the history of Gansey.
This video is also available on Annie's Creative Studio.
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