Plastic Canvas Furniture for 5- & 10-Inch Dolls


Stitch adorable plastic canvas doll accessories for 5- and 10-inch dolls. What a perfect DIY toy for your favorite doll-loving little girl!

Technique: Plastic Canvas
Skill Level: Advanced
Plastic Canvas Furniture for 5- & 10-Inch Dolls
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In Furniture for 5- & 10-Inch Dolls by Wanda Kenney, you'll find five plastic canvas patterns to make doll accessories, like a rocking chair, a car seat, a cradle, a stroller and a high chair. Each plastic canvas project includes instructions to make the project for a size 5- or 10-inch doll and is stitched using worsted-weight yarn. With easy-to-read chart and diagrams for step-by-step assembly, these plastic canvas patterns are snap to put together. Your favorite little "mom" will spend hours playing with the DIY toys that you made just for her.


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