Don't give up your favorite hobby because of sensitive or arthritic fingers. Use the Comfort Thimble to make stitching easier!

Technique: Quilt
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The Comfort Thimble is ergonomically designed and is perfect for those with sensitive or arthritic fingers. This thimble is soft and flexible. It hugs your finger with a natural fit. The Comfort Thimble's deep dimples and angled tip give you perfect needle control.


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Comfort Thimble

November 19, 2018

The thimble runs large, so much that if you order one too big it is useless. If you normally use a medium thimble order a small.

Comfort Thimble

January 19, 2018

I really like the flexible material it is made of and that they are available in sizes....

Comfort Thimble

October 13, 2017

Based on the reviews I read, I ordered a medium. Way too big! I wished there had been a way to measure my finger before I ordered it. It's unfortunate that I paid for shipping, paid for return shipping and I'll only get refunded the price of the thimble!

Comfort Thimble

June 27, 2017

I have every kind of thimble available, but now, this one is the only one I use. I have a bone on my right index finger that other thimbles hit and is painful (leather ones excluded). However, over time, the leather thimbles gets punctured by the needles which makes them useless. After looking and searching for MY only Comfort Thimble last night, I decided I better find another one, just in case I lose it. I searched all the sites I have shopped at online, including Amazon, and almost gave up hope of finding one. By change, I clicked on Annie's Craft Store/thimbles and there it was. I have used mine for 5+ years and only have wear on the side where I push my needles in while sewing with no sign of making a hole. It doesn't sweat during use, is lightweight and flexible. LOVE IT!!! I am ordering 6 medium ones because I can't remember what size I have. Four are for my daughters to add to their sewing baskets.

Comfort Thimble

January 19, 2015

I have bought the Roxette, Clover and every kind of thimble and just couldn't use them. The comfort thimble is absolutely wonderful Thanks so much. Will you carry the x-small ones at some point?

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