Pinmoors-Mixed Colors

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Pinmoors-Mixed Colors
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Technique - Quilt

Pinmoors are quicker and easier than safety pins

If you get frustrated with the time spent adding and removing safety pins from your quilts, Pinmoors are for you! Pinmoors give you an easy way to hold pieces of your quilt together, and you can easily remove them while youre quilting. Just put the pin in through the top layer to the back of your fabric, then from the back to the top and attach the Pinmoor. Or you can hold the Pinmoor and push the pin through the layers to stick it into the Pinmoor.

Pinmoors have many advantages:

  • You can use your favorite pins you already have.
  • The head of the pin and Pinmoor sit on top of the quilt.
  • Pinmoors are easily removed while quilting.
  • Remove them and place them into a bowl. When you're done, take a magnetic pincushion and wave it over the bowl. The pins come up and Pinmoors stay in the bowl.
  • You can also use numbered head pins with a Pinmoor to keep track of your rows while piecing.
  • Place pinmoors on the ends of sewing sewing needles to keep them from getting lost in pincushions.
  • Use to hold doll parts in place while sewing.
Each package comes with 50 Pinmoors in assorted colors.

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Pinmoors- Mixed Colors
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November 10, 2015
Mary D
Love them. On my last project, quilt pins left black marks on the light background fabric. It is also tedious to pin and unpin them. I'm using pinmoor on a small quilt I'm currently working on and If one gets in the way, I simply pull out the pin from the pinmoor. Have to purchase more to use on a larger quilt.
March 4, 2014
Sandra C
ONE WORD: superb!

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