Store your sewing and quilting patterns with the Pattern Keeper Organizer.

Technique: Quilt
$4.98 - $14.49
Keep your sewing room neat and tidy with the Pattern Keeper Organizer, a sewing and quilting pattern storage box that holds up to 40 patterns. The Pattern Keeper Organizer includes 4 divider tabs you can write on to categorize your patterns. It also includes a place on the outside of the box for recording your patterns' company pattern numbers, styles and sizes. You can also use this sewing pattern organizer to store fabric cuts or other objects! Box is 7 5/8" W x 12 5/8" H x 9" D. No air shipments.


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5 out of 5
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Pattern Keeper Organizer

January 8, 2019

At last,my patterns will all be in one place,thanks for the great idea

Pattern Keeper Organizer

August 23, 2018

Perfect for organizing all my patterns.

Pattern Keeper Organizer

April 20, 2018

Just what I needed. I have many patterns and was able to sort them in a way that made sense. Now it is easy to find what I want.

Pattern Keeper Organizer

February 12, 2018

These boxes are perfect for storing most patterns. I have a lot of cross stitch patterns in addition to sewing patterns. I'm able to keep them neat and organized using these boxes.

Pattern Keeper Organizer

January 18, 2018

These are exactly what I was looking for. I had a ton of patterns stuffed into an old apple box and had to dig through them all when I wanted to pick a pattern. Now, they are all available to see and thumb through. I have the index with the names and numbers. There are dividers to separate the types of patterns from dresses to skirts or doll patterns. They are really nice. I like the pattern on them as I am doing all of my sewing area in black and white with an accent of blue.

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