Metric Conversion Charts and Standard Equivalents

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Metric Conversion Charts
US to Metric

U.S. measure-ments
 Multiplied by Metric Measurement
yardsX.9144=meters (m)
yardsX91.44=centimeters (cm)
inchesX2.54=centimeters (cm)
inchesX25.4=millimeters (mm)
.0254=meters (m)

Standard Equivalents

US measurement
 Metric Measurement
1/8 inch=3.2 mm=0.32 cm
1/4 inch=6.35 mm=0.635 cm
3/8 inch=9.5 mm=0.95 cm
1/2 inch=12.7 mm=1.27 cm
5/8 inch
15.9 mm=1.59 cm
3/4 inch=19.1 mm=1.91 cm
7/8 inch=22.2 mm=2.22 cm
1 inch=25.4 mm=2.54 cm
4.5 inches=11.43 cm=0.11 m
9 inches=22.86 cm=0.23 m
13.5 inches=34.29 cm=0.34 m
18 inches=45.72 cm=0.46 m
22.5 inches=57.15 cm=0.57 m
27 inches=68.58 cm=0.69 m
31.5 inches=80.0 cm=0.8 m
36 inches=91.44 cm=0.91 m
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