Two Circular Needles

Cast on the required number of stitches, dividing the stitches between two circular knitting needles. Slip the last cast on stitch from the bottom knitting needle to the top knitting needle. Slip the first cast on stitch from the top knitting needle over the transferred stitch and onto the bottom knitting needle. Adjust the stitches so that the non working stitches are on the cable of the bottom knitting needle and the working stitches are on the top knitting needle. Work all stitches across the top knitting needle. Turn your work so that the top knitting needle is now on the bottom and the newly worked stitches are resting on the cable and the bottom knitting needle is on the top holding the stitches that are to be worked. Continue until desired length is achieved.

Two Circular Needles
Two Circular Needles
Two Circular Needles
Two Circular Needles
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