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Popular Beanies

Season 11, Episode 4
The featured crochet pattern is a trendy beanie, the 3-Hook Hat, with Lee. Are you ready for the second knit block? Lena shows you how to work tulips in the Technique Corner. Rohn and the Chica Beanie close the show. You can never have enough beanies when the temperatures start dropping.
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January 18, 2021
Joan H
On the three hook hat I wish she could go a little slower showing where the needle goes into each stitch and for a lot more stitches - she crochets so fast I can not really tell where she is inserting the hook for the front post and back post and the half double crochet and then the front post - she goes so fast I give it a two start because she goes so fast and does not do enough stitches to see where they are made in the pattern
July 12, 2020
Mary Q
Clear instructions and very pretty hat. Thank you.

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