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Robyn's Favorite Projects

Jewelry -- Whenever I feel the winter blues, I head right over to my crochet thread and beads. The play of color and texture is a sure cure out of the winter funk and into something creative. The best part is that I never can start too early for birthday gifts, teacher gifts, shower gifts, etc. Having some jewelry finished is perfect for any of those. I often find myself making different versions of the Flower Motif Necklace from my Learn to Crochet Jewelry online class. It is a simple project to crochet, and the play of beads really gets my creative juices flowing.

Flower Motif Necklace

Loom knitting -- Usually in the middle of winter is when the family starts to catch colds, and everyone is at home sick. This is a time we get to be with the kids, and loom knitting is one of our favorite crafts to pass the time. They get to play with yarn, and I get to teach them a bit of crafting. One of my most favorite ever loom knit projects is Les Bouquets Knit Shawl by Rohn Strong. I just adore the look of the variegated yarn with the stitches.

Les Bouquets Knit Shawl

Colorwork knitting -- Again, color! I just need more color surrounding me in winter. Color lifts my spirits and makes me smile. Playing with color while mosaic color knitting is even better! Nothing is more exciting than when you start seeing that stitch pattern magically appear on a scarf. The Slip That Stitch Scarf from Knit and Crochet Now! is one of my favorites for doing just that.

Slip That Stitch Scarf