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Get Into Shape This Winter

Long nights of winter are the perfect time to sit down and master techniques. Whether they are new to you or you have been doing them for years, isn't is great when you find even better ways to do them? That is exactly how I feel about shaping in both knit and crochet projects. I have been doing it for years, but there is always something new to learn or a way to make what I have been doing better. I love that between the how-to videos at Knit and Crochet Now! and the stitch guide on, I have a wealth of help right at my fingertips. I asked a few of our favorite experts what their favorite shaping techniques are, and I love their responses!

Lena Skvagerson:
"I have lots of favorite decreasing techniques. Two of my favorites are the Center Double Decrease and Slip Knit Pass Over (either skp or sk2p)."

I bet those came in handy while she was designing the incredibly adorable Virgo Cloths knit pattern that use the decrease stitch as a design feature.
Virgo Cloths
Kara Gott Warner:
"My fav stitch for shaping is a yarn over because of the beautiful simplicity of the negative space it creates, and how this is the basis for just about every lace and openwork pattern."

Kara is so right about yarn overs! Be sure to check out her Mix & Match Knit Sampler online class for the incredible Scroll Lace stitch pattern and test your yarn over skills!
Scroll Lace
Ellen Gormley:
"I think the shell stitch is incredibly versatile for increasing and decreasing."

I am right with Ellen on this; shells perfect for everything if you ask me. They are especially beautiful in Ellen's motifs. If you haven't seen her Granny Squares: From Simple to Sensational! online class, you are missing some great shell motifs.
Haley Hexagon
Robyn Chachula (that's me!):
"I am a big fan of V-stitches."

V-stitches are incredibly simple -- just two double crochets separated by a chain. But that's the beauty of it. I love when shaping can feel natural and not cause a major headache. One of my favorite V-stitch projects is the Doily Wristlets from the sixth season of Knit and Crochet Now!.
Doily Wristlets