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Spring Inspiration Packed Into the Latest Magazine Issues

When winter starts to get me down, I love turning to the latest issues of knitting and crochet magazines to see what is springing up. Within the first few pages, I am always smiling with new project ideas dancing in my head. The spring issues of both Creative Knitting and Crochet! magazines are no exception! They are packed with lots of lace, color and new ideas. I am so excited about both issues and love so many of the projects. I asked Kara Gott Warner, editor of Creative Knitting magazine and Ellen Gormley, editor of Crochet! magazine which projects they just fell in love with in the spring issues.

Kara's choices from Creative Knitting magazine:

Lace Sampler Mix & Match Pullover and Cardigan Serenity Cushion
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"I love the mix-and-match aspect of the cover project, Lace Sampler, designed by Beth Whiteside." "The Mix & Match Pullover and Cardigan, designed by Amy Gunderson of Universal Yarn, and the Lace Sampler to the left, allow the knitter to be their own designer. I feel that the ability to play with stitch patterns like this empowers knitters to feel confident and further their knitting knowledge." "This project involves weaving into the knitted fabric. Weaving has been a big trend for a while now in yarn crafting, and I can't wait to see the great projects our knitters make with this pattern."

Ellen's choices from Crochet! magazine:

Everlasting Wedding Dress Heart Keepsake Throw Classic Lace Cardigan
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"I love the Everlasting Wedding Dress by Jenny King. The lace isn't too hard to work, and yet it's a phenomenal piece that is worthy of a celebration of love." "The Heart Keepsake Throw has hearts right in it! And still it's fresh and modern, and has a geometric symmetry that works so well." "The Classic Lace Cardigan is one that I fell in love with when I tried it on and felt the amazing drape and perfect fit."