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Look, Ma! No Cable Needle!

Cabling without a cable needle is a very handy trick to have in your knitting tool bag, especially when a piece has a lot of cabling. It saves so much time to not have to work with another tool. It's easier and faster to do your cables just with the knitting needles at hand. And with just some simple finagling of the stitches, you'll soon be a no-cable-needle master!

Knitting expert Melissa Leapman will walk you through all the steps to cable without a cable needle. You can easily work this nifty trick on cables that lean either direction. Once you get this maneuver down, it's not much slower than straight knitting if the cables are small.

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All thoughts of speed aside, this skill is essential if you find yourself without a cable needle -- or if you are like me and all your knitting notions seem to disappear into some mysterious black hole under the couch.

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