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Knit and Crochet Now!

Knit and Crochet Now! Knitting Patterns

Snug SlippersSnug SlippersSeason 10, Episode 12More Info
Waiting For SantaWaiting For SantaSeason 10, Episode 13More Info
Reversible AfghanReversible AfghanSeason 9, Episode 1More Info
Knit Gansey TextureKnit Gansey TextureSeason 9, Episode 2More Info
Knit Lacy LeavesKnit Lacy LeavesSeason 9, Episode 4More Info
Royal Rib TurtlebackRoyal Rib TurtlebackSeason 9, Episode 4More Info
Cable Cuffed BootsCable Cuffed BootsSeason 9, Episode 5More Info
Crescent ShawlCrescent ShawlSeason 9, Episode 6More Info
Knit Bloom TextureKnit Bloom TextureSeason 9, Episode 6More Info
Teddy Bear BlanketTeddy Bear BlanketSeason 9, Episode 7More Info
Mosaic Trimmed CardiMosaic Trimmed CardiSeason 9, Episode 8More Info
BunnyBunnySeason 9, Episode 9More Info
Knit Soft CablesKnit Soft CablesSeason 9, Episode 10More Info
Mitered PillowMitered PillowSeason 9, Episode 10More Info
Knit Cable TextureKnit Cable TextureSeason 9, Episode 12More Info
Slouchy Slipped HatSlouchy Slipped HatSeason 9, Episode 13More Info