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Relax while enjoying these stamped cross-stitch patterns!

Stamped Cross Stitch Patterns for Traditional Needlework

Stamped cross stitch can create a timeless pattern on your quilt or blanket. Choose from Annie's selection of stamped cross stitch patterns and you'll be able to add a traditional finish to your home décor. Browse our Cross Stitch Magazines for more pattern ideas.

Stamped Cross Stitch Patterns & Designs

Add a traditional flourish to your quilt or create a more modern pattern using our stamped cross stitch patterns. Stamped cross stitch patterns are a beautiful way to do the top-stitching on a quilt or create beautiful squares to incorporate in quilt patterns. Choose the Vintage Revival Prestamped Cross Stitch Quilt Blocks for a vintage-inspired pattern. You'll love snuggling under it or giving it as an incredible gift to a friend or loved one. For a less complicated stamped cross stitch pattern, try our floral motifs or classic quilt square designs.

Be sure to check out our other cross stitch supplies, including needlework DVDs, and other resources for honing your craft. Plus, when you shop for your patterns at Annie's you can also buy your floss, needles, and other supplies to create your projects from start to finish with a brand you can trust.

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