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Use Embroidery Decor Patterns to Add a Special Finish

To give your home décor projects a special finishing touch, use these embroidery décor patterns. Quilted home décor projects help create a cozy feeling around your kitchen, living room, or bedroom. When you incorporate the elegant style of embroidery in your home quilting projects, you create an heirloom-quality piece your family will love. Annie's carries embroidery patterns for traditional redwork, as well as modern designs and fun kids' styles.

Embroidery Decor Patterns and Quilting Supplies

Annie's carries many embroidery patterns, but these home décor patterns are designed for use with your quilting skills. Make an heirloom-quality baby blanket by embroidering special touches, such as the baby's name, along with other embroidered images and borders. Create seasonal decorations your family will use year after year when you embroider beautiful redwork designs. There are seemingly endless ways you can use embroidery to add special details to your home décor projects.

In addition to these helpful embroidery décor patterns, Annie's also carries the quilting and embroidery supplies you’ll need for your projects. Stock up on embroidery floss, needles, quilting fabric, and any notions you might need, and we'll ship them right to your door along with your patterns!